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Coatlicue Soy

Infinitely Wise Package

Infinitely Wise Package

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Does the topic of Tzolkin, astrology and worldviews catch your attention?
Whether you have prior contact or are looking for an introduction, this package is perfect for you.

Become the master of your destiny again, trusting in the cyclical nature and elementals.

Package Included:
- Coatlicue Soy Lunar Diary 4th Edition: Create Playing
* Includes stickers, postcard and separator
- Tzolkin Online Masterclass
- Galactic Birth Chart (Custom illustrated digital document)
- 1:1 virtual Therapeutic Session of Interpretation of your Natal Chart
- Tzolkinizarte Digital Manual
- Tzolkinizarte Postcard
- Tzolkin Calendar Postcard
- Postcard Gregorian, Solar and Lunar Calendars
- Postal Key Information 20 Stamps and 13 Tones
- Tzolkinizarte Stickers

Masterclass Agenda:
-How did the 13:20 movement start and how is it lived?
-Why connect with the frequency of the Tzolkin synchronary?
1. Personal development
2. Social re-evolution
3. Decipher or understand events
4. Materialize and play with the laws of time
How do I interpret the information?
Space time cycles
Forms of being and doing
-Tzolkin calendar, composition and the different ways to read it.
-Messages of the 20 seals, 13 tones and 4 races.
-Sums and algorithms to discover a destiny kin, its lifespell and its oracle.
-Oracle of destiny
-Lifespell Wave
-SoLunar Coatlicue Soy Registry


*Once you make your purchase, we will contact you to schedule your individual session and give you the registration link for the class.

Didactic book for your self-knowledge.

Includes during pre-sale:

(from October 1 to November 11)

1 Lunar Diary 4th edition

1 set of stickers

1 single separator

2 special postcards

1 printed lunar calendar 2024


Free access to our online meetings: "Virtual Tribe Accompaniment Circle"

Shipping throughout the Mexican Republic


Didactic book of 304 pages, printing and paper with ecological certification. Designed and created 100% by women from the Guanajuato region, Mexico.

We generate this material with the dream that it will be a guide for you, a series of triggers to observe your processes, an intimate meeting space, a catalog of infinite possibilities to explore yourself; a collection of tools that will accompany your journeys of self-discovery.

We hope that from these pages seeds are sown for your own encounter, the little fire of inspiration is lit and a loving refuge is built.

You can find the entirety of this writing in your Lunar Diary 4th edition.


    • Coatlicue, a myth of discovery
    • Awakening of the creative impulse
    • Lunation 1: The path is enjoying
    • Lunation 2: Calling my inner child
    • Lunation 3: Mental-emotional well-being
    • Lunation 4: Transformation plants
    • Lunation 5: Tzolkin and worldviews
    • Lunation 6: Astrology
    • Lunation 7: Self-pussy-foundation
    • Lunation 8: Explore my eroticism
    • Lunation 9: Pelvis
    • Lunation 10: Menstrual cycle
    • Lunation 11: Gynecological Wellness
    • Lunation 12: Menopause
    • Lunation 13: Texts of the tribe


  • Practical exercises
  • Sowing and harvesting intentions
  • 13 lunar diagrams
  • Covers to intend
  • Qrs with digital content such as playlist, podcast, printables, more exercises and more information

and much more!

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