Coatlicue Soy Lunar Diary,

It is the best educational book to know yourself

Tu mejor libro didáctico para autoconocerte

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What is the lunar diary?

  • Hey!! I received my lunar diary and it is beautiful 😍😍😍
    Congratulations for this great work you do.

    -Romina Her

  • I'm still exploring my diary, I find it so beautiful and I am very grateful for all the love you have put into it. I have been in a process of integration into my body and it has really been difficult for me to be able to look at myself, at the end of the week I looked through it again from the beginning, I saw a photo that I loved; "A woman with a prosthetic foot standing up a tree, I was so excited because I imagined myself being there. I am a bilateral amputee and when I saw that photo, I felt integrated.


  • Hello, my diary arrived today, and I really thank you very much Hermagas, it is beautiful work!!! It's perfect, really. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing it, I was expecting to receive it but today it was a surprise, a great gift. How cool are they!! 💕💗🌕✨🙌💗🤗

    - Yimeel

  • I want to tell you that I love my diary, you don't know how it has helped me appreciate what I have and the cyclical nature of things.
    I never saw the moon, even today I'm looking at it, today you can see Jupiter and Venus next to it :) THANK YOU

    -Carolina Ibañez

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