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Coatlicue Soy

Lunar Diary Collections

Lunar Diary Collections

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Collect all editions of Coatlicue Soy's Lunar Diary

How are they different?

The structure of each edition is the same, each one has 13 chapters. But the contents of those chapters change with each new edition.

Graphic and symbolic universe. All the design, illustrations and content change in response to the objectives, interests and needs that arise each year proposed by the creative team of Coatlicue Soy and the entire community of users of the self-knowledge tool, Diario Lunar.

Information and exercises. Each page of each diary is unique visually and in each word. We choose each topic very carefully and break it down little by little. You can consult the indexes of each edition in the individual products

Creative artists and writers. Our pieces are a set of collaborative efforts. Each book is home to more than 15 creative women from Mexico and Latin America.

How do each journal complement each other?

You will know a journey that leads to the same end in each journal, your pleasure from self-knowledge. That is why you will see characters in the illustrations, creatives and themes that will be present again, evolving year after year with more information, exercises and experience of each of the women who design and explore this tool.

Your story in each issue. The most valuable thing about collecting each edition is being able to fill it with your magic, essence and walk. You will see that there are themes from your own history that also repeat and evolve. We dream that these books are inheritable, that they reunite you again and again as the years go by.

Remember that our diary is Timeless, you can start using it whenever you want. Take advantage of the fact that we still have a couple of 2nd and 3rd edition copies by purchasing this package.

1 Lunar Diary second edition
1 Lunar Diary third edition
1 Lunar Diary fourth edition

  • 1 single separator
  • 1 set of stickers
  • 1 special postcard

Entry to virtual circles:

The circles are meeting spaces for everyone, where we share our diverse experiences with the use of the Lunar Diary.

This circle is for everyone, if you already knew the lunar diagram or our diary, if you are exploring what more is possible with your conscious record, if you want to be inspired by the sisters to release more creativity or if you want to agree with us.

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