Aliadas Coatlicue

Join the Allies network if…

  • Are you a therapist, sexologist, doctor or integral healer?
  • You have a project that accompanies women
  • You have a store or project that promotes local or women's products
  • You accompany processes of well-being and healing, and you are looking for teaching material to enhance your project.
  • You attend festivals, bazaars, meetings and circles
  • You want to share and get to know yourself together with your friends

Benefits of being part of the network

  • You will have access to the first stage of the pre-sale
  • You will discover previews of the new edition before the official launch
  • You will get special prices and profits
  • Downloadable teaching material
  • Receive your diary pack before launch
  • FREE SHIPPING from 15 daily. They do not include additional costs for extended areas
  • You will be part of the WhatsApp group and our list of Best Friends on Instagram to connect, share information, build networks, receive unpublished material, support for dissemination and other additional benefits
  • Payment in installments and months without interest available PRE-SALE.
  • We will promote you as a COATLICUE ALLIED on our website and Instagram.
  • Exclusive promotions for ALLIES on other Coatlicue Soy products and services


Become a Coatlicue Ally after purchasing 5 Lunar Diaries.


  • WIND = 5 daily
  • WATER = 15 daily
  • FIRE = 30 daily
  • LAND = 60 daily

Place your order in our online store and share your information with us. We will contact you via email to continue communication, add you to the platform and share the materials with you.